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NEW DPCM - 04.11.2020 (06/11/2020)

NEW DPCM - 04.11.2020

Newsletter n. 9/2016 - Tax credit for research and development (27/04/2016)

Tax credit for research and development

Newsletter n. 5/2016 - News regarding CFC regulation (15/02/2016)

News regarding CFC regulation

Newsletter n. 4/2016 - News Regarding the International Tax System (08/02/2016)

News Regarding the International Tax System

Newsletter n. 10/2014 - The accounting and tax free gifts (23/12/2014)

Newletter nr 10/2014

Newsletter n. 9/2014 Inventory of end of year stock (23/12/2014)

Newsletter n. 9/2014 - Inventory of end of year stock

CIRC. 8 2014 Credit Losses Deductible (01/10/2014)


Newsletter Nr 7 2014 Decree Growth (14/07/2014)

Newsletter Nr 2014 Decree Growth

News Letter nr. 6 (17/06/2014)

Extension of Tax Payments



New fuel tab (01/01/2011)

New fuel tab

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