Pellizzer & Partners

Pellizzer & Partners was founded in 2004. We provide specialist Consultancy, Advice and Assistance in: Tax Planning, Strategy, Risk, Corporate Law, Auditing and Management for Companies in the North of Italy.

Graduates in Chartered Accountants and Economics, along with professional training and qualified secretarial staff.

The firm also coordinates and collaborates with experienced professionals, lawyers, notaries and university professor's, providing its customers with Full Protection for Corporate and International Solutions as well as support for Companies in Crisis.

Operating successfully in Castelfranco Veneto, Treviso, the Studio has developed close working relationships with leading companies in the North East Region of Italy. We work closely with International Organizations providing support and assistance to our clients with their business expansion and Growth in the International Market Place.

The firm, is guided from strict professional ethics and law, we are committed to provide assistance support and advice of high quality, with particular attention to the preparation of professional and technical development of your employees.

Pellizzer & Partners stands out from the Crowd, because we are not a mere aggregation of independent professionals, but a group that routinely deals with the complete needs of each individual Client, Company or Organization.

We consult daily and each of us brings our specialist expertise.

Most of our customers are made up of entrepreneurs who we have known for a long time. We strive to fully understand their business needs.

Our Services

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About Us

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The expertise and scientific knowledge are never more important than the disjointed-looking profession...

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